The combination of the patient’s determination, qualified staff, and superior equipment made it feasible for this patient to return home and his family to get their Dad back!

Mr. F came to us from the hospital after an extended stay. He was first diagnosed with Guillian-Barre syndrome and presented to us equivalent to a quadriplegic. He had lost all muscle tone throughout his body and required 3 people to assist with sitting upright on the edge of the bed. During the first month, he was not able to perform any standing activities but concentrated on increasing his sit to stands with the assistance of the Neurogym Sit to Stand Trainer and 2 therapists.

It has truly been a blessing to have these machines.

With time, his ability to stand became increasingly easier and requiring less assistance from the staff. During the 3rd month, we were able to begin using the Neurogym Bungee Mobility Trainer. Initially it required 5 therapists to coordinate his upper body for trunk control, propel the machine, and advance his legs. After a week of using the Mobility Trainer, he was able to ambulate 20 feet with 2 person assist. He then progressed to 40 feet and 60 feet with 2 person assist. After a few more weeks of dedication to his intense rehab program, hard work on the Mobility Trainer combined with qualified staff trained to utilize this specialty equipment, he was able to advance to a bilateral platform walker. At the end of his treatment he was able to ambulate 250 feet with contact guard assist and was able to discharge home with his wife after 7 long months of hospitalizations and specialized therapy program at our facility.It has truly been a blessing having these machines. They help give the patients confidence and reduce their fear of falling allowing them increased participation in therapy and progression of treatment to meet their goals. 

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